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July 19, 2006 Event Recap

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Wednesday July 19, 2006

5:30pm - 9pm

CNET Headquarters, 235 Second Street (between Howard and Folsom), San Francisco


__Event Tag: BrainJams:expert1__




Setup Word Press Blog - 30 minutes, some followup req - Chris Heuer

With about half a dozen Word Press installs under my belt, I can help you set up a Word Press blog on your own Web site or one that is hosted on WordPress.com, whichever you choose. This will include some minor customization and also choosing a specific design template (aka Theme)

Search Engine Optimization - 30 minutes - Lawrence Coburn, RateItAll

I'll walk you through some basic, white hat SEO practices. Will include tips about on page and off page SEO. Things like structuring title tags, mod rewrites, internal linking strategy, and external link development.


The Basics of Creating a Videoblog - 30 minutes - Eddie Codel, GETV

Can't make it tonight - sorry.


Smack' 'em - 30 minutes - Jonas M Luster, Your Intarweb Going Commando

So you got your video with Eddie's help, optimized the weblog Chris built via Lawrence's

whitehat SEO tricks, now where's the crowds? Waiting to be blown off their feet, that's where! In 30 minutes, I'll rebuild your community and outreach approach. We can make it faster, stronger, more powerful, successful. Ever wonder how the two bit hack got all that attention, while your superior idea, knowledge, and background seemed to be ignored? The hack, likely accidentally, did things right. And he, likely, had little scruples. We'll keep the scruples in, and then make a difference. And, no, "just blog" isn't the answer to your question :)


Technology Guidance - 30 minutes - Vinay Aggarwal,

Sorry I will not be able to make it, something very important came up


The Secret to Kick-Ass BBQ - 15 minutes - EugeneEricKim, Blue Oxen Associates

Are you constantly burning your steaks? Are you haunted by fears of undercooked chicken? Do you want to learn how to make fall-off-the-bone ribs in just a few hours? Did you know that vegetarians can enjoy BBQ too? Eugene "Grillmaster" Kim will lead a group therapy session, where he'll share tips and stories of BBQ horror and triumph, and encourage others to do the same. His long list of qualifications include: 25+ years experience eating BBQ and 10+ years cooking it; once roomed (and barbecued with) a fellow from Texas; closeted cooking show addict; picture of a pig on his bedroom wall.


Offering my expertise to help you innovate to be great! - 30 minute consultations, mentoring or coaching sessions - Cathryn Hrudicka, Chief Imagination Officer, Creative Sageā„¢

Recently returned from Bali and Singapore. See my blog: http://360.yahoo.com/CathrynHrudicka. Web sites to be re-launched soon: http://www.CreativeSage.com and http://www.CathrynHrudicka.com


Publishing Globally to the Web - 30 minutes - Arthur Law, Ion Global

After spending some time wandering around Europe and China I found I could make a living helping companies build websites for a global audience. I'd be happy to share information on global web publishing and common pitfalls in site design for other countries. Other languages may be all Greek to me, but how should you let users in Greece use your website?


Celestial videos/pictures for blogs, websites and sharing | A handy personal organizer - 30 minutes - Rod Seddigh

I will be showing and sharing two interesting, useful, free software programs. One helps you create a cool and custom organizer that you can use everyday. With the second program you can see a realistic model of the universe (solar system, stars, galaxies ...). You can then travel through space, take pictures, make movies, maybe use them in your websites/blogs or share them with friends. We can make you a custom sample of both the organizer and the celestial pics/movies at the event, which you can take home on your computer or USB storage device.

Getting Started With Vox - 30 minutes - Nick O'Neill, Six Apart

I'll be giving a quick rundown of the current features in Vox and then providing help for anyone that wants to start a new Vox blog. I'll also be available to provide help for anyone with questions about Movable Type, TypePad and LiveJournal.


Get Started With Podcasting -- 30 minutes -- Shel Holtz

My podcasting co-host and I are just wrapping up work on a comprehensive blogging book for a major publisher, so if I wasn't prepared to help you get started before, I sure as heck am now. Got questions? I can probably help with answers.




Seth Mazow - I work for Interplast and I need help migrating our email accounts (we have about 25) from our current host to a new one. I don't have a new one in mind, so if you do I'd love to hear it. If we get through that, I'd love some help with some formatting issues I'm having on our website.


Seth Mazow (again) - On a personal note, I'd like to learn how to customize the Kubrick (or any other) Wordpress theme. I need help inserting my own header image, changing the size of the body column, adding in the fonts that I want, and learning basic techniques like backing up and optimizing file sizes so I don't get FUBAR'd.


Kristie Wells - I need a Drupal GOD to give me some pointers. We set the BrainJams (http://www.brainjams.org) website up and I find it a little hard to get the data linked, and my formatting never sticks. I am not a coder, so I need tricks I can use to fool the system. Also, is there a better way to lay out the data to make it easier to find?


Kristie Wells (again) - I am also interested in getting tips and tricks on using my Canon Rebel XT. I have had it for over seven months and my pictures are not getting any better (as you can see on Flickr). I have a book, but am better learning hands on - so know you are not only helping me, but you would be helping my friends not waste their time going through my crappy photos.


Michelle Neuringer - seeking conversations


Andy Kaufman - seeking ?


David Allen - seeking conversations


Joel Sacks - seeking ?


Cathryn Hrudicka - I'm offering expertise, but I'm also seeking expertise in setting up a WordPress or Moveable Type Blog on my own site(s), learning more about SEO, podcasting and video blogging, and looking for conversations with innovative souls!





1. Chris Heuer

2. Kristie Wells

3. Lawrence Coburn

4. Joel Sacks

5. Cathryn Hrudicka

6. Eugene Eric Kim

7. Arthur Law

8. Tom Blossom

9. Shel Holtz

10. Nick O'Neill

11. Rod Seddigh

12. Ray Seddigh

13. Brian Shields

14. Tom Blossom

15. Rebecca Kaufman

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